Driftwood Christmas Trees on Canvas  23 x 30cm (A4)


They're back!!!  The Driftwood trees were so popular last year that I'm starting earlier this year!  Don't worry - you don't have to have it till "The  Right Time"  but if you would like one please let me know!

A variety of sizes too.  Each picture comes with a cord back  (larger trees) or a razoe hook so you can easily hang it for the season and replace after.  Please also let me know which background colour you would like - pale grey, blue or taupe.  Other colours can be accommodated but there will be a small additional charge.  

Each tree comes with a battery powered set of tiny little LED lights on wires that can be easily turned on and off at the back.

Trees made to order so any special requests please get in touch!  

Happy Christmas All!!